National Problem

In 2019 eighth-grade reading scores in 31 states dropped two to seven points — which the federal government deemed significant — compared with their performances in 2017. Indiana, New Hampshire and Virginia had the largest declines. Fourth-grade reading scores dropped in 17 states, with New Jersey’s six-point drop the largest. Only one state, Mississippi, improved, the data showed.

Average reading scores for 4th and 8th graders in the U.S. have dropped since 2017, according to the latest results of the “nation’s report card.” Math scores increased by one point for 4th graders and decreased by one point for 8th-graders, with progress overall remaining flat for the past decade. At 4th grade, the average reading score on the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ 500-point scale was 220, compared to 222 in 2017.

Our Mission

ICS is working with DMMSI to provide A Virtual Reading, Writing, and Coding Program called SOLU7ION to K-12 students and also to adults needing to improve their literacy. By combining the 3 Rs and the 4 Cs, SOLU7ION is a complete program that improves reading literacy, writing literacy, mathematics, and 21 century skills such as critical thinking and coding.

Through SOLU7ION ICS Will:

  • Provide virtual tutoring and mentoring to students in math, reading, and writing.
  • Provide unlimited access to a digital library for individuals to read via their mobile phones. Students will have access to thousands of titles based upon their current Lexile score with an AI interface to help students improve their reading level. Students will also have access to library tools such as audio reading, definition tool, pronunciation, highlighting and more.
  • Provide virtual book report writing support to work with students on improving their grammar and conveying their understanding in writing.
  • Provide unlimited access to a coding game where students learn to code Python and JavaScript, develop innovative ways to solve problems, and improve their math skills.
  • Meet students at their individual level, allow them to learn at their own pace, and choose their own topics of interest to use to improve their literacy.

The Cost ~ How One Can Support

It costs $349 per individual to access SOLU7ION for 12 months. ICS is looking to provide SOLU7ION to thousands across the nation starting October 2020. We will run SOLU7ION annually. After 2-3 years of providing SOLU7ION, it is ICS' goal to show national school districts our improvement results and the need for all students to have access to SOLU7ION. Since it will cost $174,500 to $349,000 to provide SOLU7ION to 500-1000 individuals, ICS is looking for outside support to help us cover the cost for individuals. Several ways in which one can support:
  • Send ICS a Special Occasion tax-exempt donation to: Inter-City Services, Inc., 3269 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703. Please attention your donation to our Executive Director: Mansour Id-Deen and specify that is for our DMMSI: SOLU7ION Literacy Program.
  • Become A Sponsor and receive marketing exposure on our website and our partner DMMSI's website and publications. Click Here To Learn More.

ICS & DMMSI's Past Partnership

In 2016 & 2017 ICS & DMMSI® teamed up to provide STEM Programs to Elementary Students in the Berkeley Area. Students learned how to build a computer, communicate via binary, and explore areas of their personal interest. Go to our old website flyer to learn more about our work through this past partnership.

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In Action

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