This program provides adults who did not complete high school with GED (General Educational Development) preparation. ABE also provides remedial education, career assessment and career counseling. To assist the unemployed, job seeking and job keep skills training is provided. Classes are free and all books and materials are supplied. Continuous openings. Registration required.

What You Would Be Learning

Students are provided with individualized help in reviewing Literature, Mathematics, Writing, Social Science and Science. Pratice tests are given by the teacher to assess each student’s progress and readiness for the G.E.D. (High School Equivalency Certificate)Test. Adults needing Adut Basic Education (ABE) can take supportive classess to provide individualized instruction in reading, writing, math and other basic skills.

  • Day time and evening programs.
  • You may enroll at anytime, throughout the year.
  • Earn your EGD for free. You must be 17 years or older. You must not have earned a regular high school diploma or EGD in the United States.