IT-Office Automation

Programs are designed to cover the subject in depth. The length of the courses give you ample opportunity to master the subject and become job-ready. Adequate time is given for you to obtain industry level skill sets required to obtain living wage employment.

The State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary any Vocational Education provides approval for the vocational courses offered at Inter-City Services.

What You Would Be Learning

Graduates of Office Automation program will be proficient in utilizing MicroSoft Office Suite applications. The students will master techniques in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. This curriculum is designed for the student that enters with minimal training or work experience in a computerized office operation. The training progresses from a basic foundation of keyboarding (alphanumeric) to more sophisticated operation such as business letter format, e-mailing, cut and paste, Internet basic, Webpage design, working with symbols, fonts, text effects, bullets and numbering, adjusting lines and paragraphsm, hyperlinking, table creation, merging documents, creating outlines, headers and footers, creating newspaper columns, working with graphics, and working with macros. After mastering Word, the students will complete training Excel which includes spreadsheets, basic functions, fomula basics, saving spreadsheets as Web pages, function basics, working with 3D formulas, linking files, creating charts, learning the IF function, PMT functions, creating lookup tables, and pivot tables. Upon completing Word and Excel, the student is encouraged to master Access and PowerPoint. The reasonably diligent student could expect entry-level employment as any one of the following: Junior Technical Support, Data Entry Operator, Word Processor/Typist,Automated Financial Record-keeping Clerk, Accounting Clerk, Administrative Support Specialist, Database Administrator Assistant and Powerpoint Designer. Instructional method: Lectures, guest speakers, hands-on computer training, assignments/projects, videos, quizzes, and tests. Days: Four hours a day, five days a week (Monday-Friday), 20 hours per week, 26 weeks, 390 clock hours. A Certificate of Completion is awarded. Time: Day 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m., Afternoon 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Once all applications have mastered, a Certification of Completion is awarded. The student further has the option to obtain MicroSoft Certification as an Office Specialist. (ICS is an Authorization MicroSoft Training Center)