With Inter-City Services Weatherization Course you will become a certified technician. This ICS Weatherization Certification provides the skills and techniques necessary to properly air seal and insulate a home. In our ICS Building Analyst training you learn how to diagnose and prioritize energy retrofit work in a home. In this ICS weatherization course, you will learn the right way to caulk, flash, or insulate a home.

What You Would Be Learning

The techniques of home energy retrofits:

  • Learn the proper installation of residential air-sealing measures including dense-pack insulation, spray-foam, caulk, mastic, foam board, bubble blanket, fire-rated sealants and barriers, as well as techniques for sealing and insulating ducts, canned lights, attic hatches, crawlspaces, plumbing penetrations, top-plates and a variety of gaps, cracks and openings found in a home.
  • Includes the hands-on test for the BPI Residential Building Envelope Accessible Areas Air Leakage Control Installer Certification.
  • Covers the environmental conditions necessary for a successful weatherization Infrared survey, as well as pitfalls to avoid.
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